Ricki Chandarana // Vice President

With a degree in business and a long history in the painting industry, Ricki brings the passion and drive to make Prostar the best it can be.  He understands that customer service is what will sustain and grow the business in the short and long term and that word of mouth can go a long way.  When speaking with him it is quite clear that he cares about his customers and really wants them to rely on his team.
When Ricki is not hard at work he loves spending time with his family and is an avid sportsman.  His passion for hockey supersedes all other forms of entertainment.  He describes watching the "Gold Metal Game" live at Rogers Area as being the most thrilling sporting experience he has had but sadly it was shortly followed by great disappointment when leaving the arena after "Game 7".

"To gain trust from a customer is incredibly difficult but when gained it needs be treated with the utmost care and attention".

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Project Managers

Wayne Zinselmeyer

Wayne has a background of 35 years in sales and marketing and definitely believes our business is a people business. Wayne has put his arms around our extensive customer base and strives to ensure that all of our efforts are communicated to our customers in a timely manner. Presentations on specialty services, follow up with customer estimates, and queries, are all important services that are delivered according to our customers timetable.Our customers are busy people and need their projects completed without any hassles.

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Adam Janusz

When people meet Adam they are struck by his amiability and keen listening.  Growing up in a family painting business with his father and two brothers has given him insights into many areas, from painting walls, to managing crews and attending to customers, to helping manage the business. As a project manager at Prostar, he takes pride in his work and aims for every project to be the best in quality and efficiency. Above all, Adam is driven by a love of people. He studied psychology in university and has pursued the arts as a theatre director and actor, exploring the many complex aspects of the human experience.

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Lucas Janusz

With over 20 years of experience in the painting industry Lucas got his start in the industry when he was in high school painting with his dad during summer breaks. After high school he worked in Web design and tech support and later completed a Bachelor Degree in Arts at the University of British Columbia. All the while, getting drawn back into the painting business.  Lucas has extensive product knowledge and a lot of hands-on experience estimating and managing a wide variety of projects.  Having helped to run a family painting business in a very competitive industry, Lucas has a deep appreciation for the importance of customer satisfaction from the beginning to end of every project, regardless of size.  It has always been his philosophy that you take care of a customers’ property as if it was your own.

After work Lucas enjoys spending time with his family, watching Stewart and Colbert and going out to movies, plays and opera.  For exercise and stress relief he used to practice kung-fu, and later swing dancing, but now he tries to take in a class of Bikarm’s Yoga as often as possible.

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Jerry Janusz

Jerry brings over 20 years of painting and construction experience to Prostar. His extensive product knowledge and hands on involvement from painter to project management has served his clients well. With know-how and discipline he has project managed sites ranging from detached homes to strata complexes as well as government buildings including WorkSafe BC headquarters. 
He holds a BBA from Capilano University and is a study abroad graduate from University of Copenhagen DIS.
Jerry is a loving husband and father to two girls. After work and home priorities are met, he practices yoga and is a golfing fanatic. To call him a automotive enthusiast is like calling Henry Ford a mechanic.

"Executing projects while exceeding promises is the number one goal. Always face challenges head on through effective communication."

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Jonathan Moorhouse, Sales and Marketing Manager

Recruited in Feb 2012 as Sales & Marketing manager for Prostar, Jonathan continues to fuel the engine for both Prostar and Hotel Renovations by Prostar with his hard work, integrity and genuine enjoyment of people, not to mention 25 years of experience in sales. His passion for keeping everyone happy, mixed with his great sense of humor, mean that both internal and external clients enjoy working with him, knowing he has their back and will do what it takes to get the job done “On Time, On Budget & with Peace of Mind".

Jonathan is happily married with two teenage children and a chocolate Labrador. If he is not on the golf course or kayaking, you will find him painting abstract works of art or exploring B.C. on his motorbike.

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Loletta Lau

Loletta provides the administrative support, serving our clients as well as the Prostar staff. She looks after the accounts receivable. She is the first one to receive and greet visitors and clients and to answer the phone calls. As our company is in the “people business”, Loletta maintains a calm, courteous, attentive and positive attitude to serve our valuable customers.
Loletta likes to go to fitness classes at least 3 times a week. She likes listening to music and reading. She also loves to travel to enjoy varied landscapes, the cultures of different peoples, and adventure to enrich her knowledge and passion.

Joining Prostar is a valuable experience for me. It makes me feel good knowing that our good painting work helps the environment, gives passions and excitement to the people who stay in a building. It empowers me every time I help our clients to resolve their concerns or to receive compliments from our clients. It makes me realize that what we do in the office is an integral part of the service cycle.

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Mei Low

Our accounting personnel manage the financial area of our business, Mei as accounts payable, and Loletta as accounts receivable. They contribute by preparing quotations and are appreciated by our customers for their courteous way of handling client queries.

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